Parent Atwood

Two sailors, two hulls, one team, one goal.


Ravi Parent

At the age of eight Ravi’s parents introduced him to sailing at the Manatee River pram fleet and from that point on he quickly progressed. He spent a few summers in the sailing program in Bradenton and then moved on to Sarasota Youth Sailing's summer program. Soon after Ravi joined the year round racing team, beginning in the Optimist dinghy, where he qualified to compete at the USODA Team Trials twice and represented USODA at the South American Championship and British National Championship. As you can tell competition has been in his blood since a young age.

Ravi moved into the more athletic Laser class at the age of 13. During his freshman year in high school he became more involved in different types of boats, both monohulls and multihulls. Competing around the state of Florida in the J24 introduced him to the more adult fleet of keelboats. After Ravi competed at the 2011 US Youth Multihull Championship his focus shifted to high performance catamarans. He went on to win 2 F16 National Championships, 2nd in a F16 World Championship, competed in 2 ISAF Youth World Championships, and had numerous top finishes in major F18 class regattas, all before graduating high school.

After joining the College of Engineering at Boston University Ravi shifted part of his focus to intercollegiate sailing. This double-handed, short course racing enforced precise boathandling and consistency on the race course. While not in school he expanded his multihull sailing into the northeastern F18 fleet, the M32 Series, and a Red Bull Youth America's Cup campaign with 13Fifty Racing.

Having graduated from BU in the Class of 2018, Ravi has become fully focused on an Olympic campaign in the foiling Nacra 17.



Caroline Atwood

Caroline grew up sailing Optis at her home club, Kollegewigewok Yacht Club, in Blue Hill Maine. Coming from a small club in a small town, when Caroline started racing it immediately became necessary to travel for competition. It was during this travel that she developed a deep sense of camaraderie with her fellow KYC sailors and those sailors that she would see at regattas. It was this camaraderie, along with a love of competition, that hooked Caroline on sailboat racing for good. After aging out of Optis, she moved in to double handed boats and continued to pursue competition and friendship in 420s and i420s. 

i420s gave Caroline her first exposure to world class competition and training. Working with LISOT and coach Steve Keen, Caroline learned skills and discipline that she brings to the team today. It also gave her a glimpse of what it takes to become the best in the world. As she puts it, "It's not some God given talent, it's a lot of hard work, and I can work hard."  

In college, Caroline sailed for Tufts University where she worked her way to sailing A division (the highest level in college sailing) and was team captain. College sailing helped her hone her short course tactics and starting technique. In between college practices and regattas Caroline also began sailing the 49erFX. After graduating Tufts in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in political science and religion, with a dual focus in political Islam, Caroline committed herself fully to olympic campaigning. She has represented the US in the 49er FX and Women's 470 and is now applying invaluable lessons and skills learned in both classes, as well as those learned throughout her lifetime of competitive racing, to the Nacra 17. 

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Our Squad

Collaboration and cooperation: This is the philosophy that we apply to every aspect of our campaign and it is what sets our campaign apart from past US Olympic sailing efforts. This Olympic quadrennial we are committed to working with a core group of US catamaran sailors to develop and push our country's skill base as a whole. The multi-boat training program we have implemented is designed to push the collective learning curve higher and faster, resulting in historically unparalleled success on the race course, and a stronghold of American high performance sailing knowledge that will last generations. 


Our Support Team

It takes more than two. Every hour we put in as two sailors on the water is supported by the time and effort of our support team. This includes our team of coaches, equipment specialists, physical trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, logistical support staff, friends and family. 



The path to success is through collaboration and community based systems of mutual support. We know that to become the best we need to surround ourselves with a team of like-minded individuals and companies who will strive to reach the top with us. When we improve, they improve, and visa versa. We are here to develop as athletes and to further a culture of excellence in American sailing. We do this daily on the water with fellow US athletes, in the coach boat, as we contribute to next generations of American racing sailors, and on land, while working with our sponsors to develop innovative solutions to our sport's many challenges. Our strength comes from those around us and we are determined to foster that community of excellence throughout our journey to the Olympic games.